A music player for lossless and studio masters. Dual 24-bit 192kHz DAC. It’s delicious.
Because Spotify on an iPhone just isn’t good enough.

Overpowering, unbalanced, aggressive, unrelenting. I LOVE IT.
Life is better at the extremes. Black or white. Fuck grey. That’s where everything mundane lives.

The graveyard. ☠️🎼
A moment of silence for these damaged drivers. Or silence forever: the coils melted and the kevlar cones deformed.

I think they don’t know the correct measure for a neat scotch. I don’t mind. ✈️🥃

Talisker 5: I’ve missed you so much! (This has to be in my top 3)

"I firmly believe that everyone needs to drive a 12 cylinder car before they die. There is nothing else like it" -David E. Davis

Random 2am trip to Mesilla, NM.
You know you’ve found the right car when having a purposeful destination doesn’t matter. It’s not about getting somewhere, it’s about carving the road in the middle of the night just to enjoy the drive.

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